Do not miss the opportunity to visit the neighboring villages with the hospitable residents, picturesque streets, the amazing view of the the landscapes and the nearby beaches.


Amades-six kilometers north of Giossonas- is a small village situated at the foot of the highest mountain of the island, Pellinaio. The whole area is covered by green and mostly cherry and olive trees. Streams and mills is another feature of the area. Also east of the village, there is the eponymous pebbled beach, only accessible by car / motorbike.


Continuing north we meet Vicki-eight kilometers from Giossonas. The entire area is covered with cherry and olive trees. There is preserved till our days, a ruined church of post-Byzantine period. Also in this village, the visitor can visit its beach.


Further north we find Kambia-13 kilometers from Giossona-a village with only a few inhabitants at present, also located at the foot of the mount Pellinaio. With 500 meters of altitude and a spectacular view of the magnificent gorge of Kambia, ending ιn a distant beach. Characteristic fauna and flora rich in cherry, chestnut and olive trees surround the landscape. Finally, the Castle of Kambia- known also as the Castle of Oria, is worth a visit.

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