Chios, endowed with a beautiful lacy coastline, is washed with several great beaches for every taste. Other totally deserted and some crowded and organized. Οthers hidden in small distant bays "embraced" by pine forests, others in prominent places, they offer a plethora of options for visitors during the summer. Crystal clear waters with sandy beaches and pebbles with special colors, alternate continuously to synthesize an idyllic puzzle effect, which gives a distinct aroma to any landscape.

Of the above categories, Giosonas and the nearby beaches of Nagos and Vlihada, could not be excluded.


The beach of Giosonas is located five kilometers from Kardamylla and very close to Nagos beach. It is a long beach with smooth pebbles, open towards the Aegean Sea, with crystal clear waters.


Nagos is located in the northeastern part of the island, 5 km from Kardamyla. This very small creek with colorful small pebbles, is very famous and popular for its crystal, very cold waters, since the area is rich in rainfall springs.



Just before you reach the beach of Nagos, you can also visit the lonely but beautiful pebbled beach of Vlihada, with equally clear waters and plenty of shade to rest, since the pine forest extends down to the sea.


Around Kardamyla and more specifically the port of Marmaro (Marble), there are several small beaches scattered around the seaside village, very close to the local shops and bars.

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