Our family business, cares for the well being of its visitors and grows a deep respect towards nature. Based on this philosophy, in our rooms we only use eco-friendly cleaning products. Rooms to let Victoria are located in the northeastern part of the island of Chios city and harbor (Chora) and only 5 kms. from the village of Kardamyla, in the picturesque area of Giossonas. The area took its name from the hero of antiquity Iason, (Jason) who according to legend, spellbound by the exquisite beauty and tranquility of the landscape, decided to repose together with his crew and comrades.


Here you can find more than a friendly and domestic atmosphere. Victoria’s rooms to let offer facilities, such as a big parking area, make an ideal destination for daisy and hospitable vacations. Plus you can practice other activities, such as ecotourism, swimming, hitch-hiking in the nearby ravines of Giosonas and Kampia, mountain bike and more.





Come then, browse the footsteps of the legendary Jason and the Argonauts. We look forward to meet you and we wish you a pleasant stay!